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Mr. Flip Collector Series

The Mr. Flip Collector Series is a collection of super rare, limited edition Mr. Flips. Some were only in our store for a short period of time & are never coming back again. Think you might have one of the rare ones? The number ranks are listed from rarest to least rare.
#1. Meta Mr. Flip
The Meta Mr. Flip was released for pre-order on October 15th, 2020 & began shipping to customers on October 20th, 2020. Only 200 of them were ever made. This makes the Meta Mr. Flip the rarest one in the world. It is similar to the Matte Black Mr. Flip that we all know & love, but with black text engraving. It was officially called "Matte Black Mr. Flip [Limited Edition]" but let's be real, Meta Mr. Flip sounds better. The resell value of one is the highest out of any Mr. Flip currently.
Meta Mr. Flip
Price When Released: $19.99
Resell Value Today: $30+ ↗️
Quantity Made: 200

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