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How To Flip: 3 Basic Methods

How To Flip: 3 Basic Methods
Flipping Mr. Snap is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable things you can do with it, and learning how to do it is easier than you might think. In this post, we'll walk you through the steps and provide three helpful methods to get you started. Let's get flipping.
Difficulty Rating: 2/10 
Method #1: The simplest and most basic technique for flipping Mr. Snap involves standing it up on one of its flat sides. Aim slightly above the middle, give it a gentle push with your finger, and let gravity take over. Practice this method until you have successfully flipped it ten times in a row without any mistakes. It's important to master this technique because most advanced tricks start from this position.
Method #2: If you're aiming for distance, the second technique for flipping Mr. Snap is highly effective. Begin by holding Mr. Snap in one hand, then lean it back to a 45-degree angle before giving it a gentle push. This method provides greater control and increases your chances of successfully flipping Mr. Snap, as you are already initiating the flipping motion. Try and flip it successfully for 1 foot, then 2 feet, and so on until you can't get it to go any further.
Method #3: The last technique involves flipping Mr. Snap up or down a slanted surface. It's important to find the right angle, as the steeper the surface, the less likely it is to work. Begin by holding Mr. Snap on one of its bases, then release it and let gravity do the work. This method is the most satisfying way to flip your Mr. Snap and is sure to impress your friends.
Once you've become proficient at flipping Mr. Snap, you can move on to learning some exciting tricks. These tricks range from easy to expert level, but without a solid foundation in flipping, they'll be difficult to execute. Flipping Mr. Snap is the most crucial skill to learn before moving on to any tricks.

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