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3 Different Ways To Snap

3 Different Ways To Snap Mr. Snap
Mr. Snap's unique ability to create satisfying snapping sounds is one of his most recognizable features. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are actually several different techniques for snapping. Each method offers a slightly different experience and requires varying levels of skill and coordination. Whether you prefer the classic squeeze or are looking for a challenge with the two-finger snap, experimenting with the different snapping methods can add an exciting new dimension to your Mr. Snap experience.
Difficulty Rating: 1/10 
Method #1: The first method is straightforward: hold it in one hand and squeeze it together, then use your pinky and thumb to release the suction cups. Repeat this process for endless satisfaction from snapping.


Method #2: The second method involves using only two fingers to squeeze it together. With your Mr. Snap in hand, place your thumb on one side of it and another finger (such as your index finger) on the opposite side. Squeeze with these two fingers and then use your pinky and thumb to release. This method allows you to work on the dexterity and strength of each individual finger, which can be helpful if you want to improve your hand strength or if you're looking for a challenge beyond the standard snap.
Method #3: This is just like Method #1 but instead of using your pinky and thumb to release the suction cups, you will use your pointer finger and press on the side of the suction cup. This will immediately release them and doesn't take any extra force. This is personally my favorite way to snap because you can do a rapid succession of snaps.

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