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The Surprising Benefits Of Fidgeting

The Surprising Benefits Of Fidgeting
In a world that values being still and paying full attention, fidgeting is often looked down on as a sign of not being able to focus or being too jittery. But, new findings are showing us that there's actually more to fidgeting than we thought, especially when it helps with paying better attention and being more creative.

The Focus Factor

For individuals facing challenges with attention, such as those with ADHD, fidgeting can be a game-changer. The subtle, repetitive motions provide a gentle sensory stimulus, which can help maintain the brain's arousal at an optimal level for processing information. This phenomenon, known as "sensory gating," allows for better focus on tasks that might otherwise seem monotonous or overwhelming.

Creativity Unleashed

Beyond sharpening focus, fidgeting has a unique relationship with creativity. The mind tends to wander during these small physical movements, often leading to a state of free-flowing thought and ideation. This mental wandering is not aimless; it's a fertile ground for creativity, where the subconscious mind can make connections that the conscious mind might miss.

Fidgeting in Practice

Incorporating fidgeting into your daily life, particularly through fidgets like Mr. Snap, can be both a practical and enjoyable way to harness these benefits. These fidgets are crafted to provide just the right amount of sensory feedback, promoting concentration and stress relief without becoming a distraction.


The act of fidgeting, once dismissed as a sign of distraction, is gaining recognition for its potential to improve focus and inspire creativity. Whether through a perfectly designed fidget or simple repetitive movements, embracing fidgeting can be a small but powerful tool in enhancing cognitive performance and well-being.

By reevaluating the role of fidgeting and incorporating it mindfully, we can transform a once-negative habit into a source of strength, proving that sometimes, it's the small movements that lead to the biggest leaps in productivity and innovation.

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