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How To Use

The most common question we receive is, "How do you use Mr. Flip?", so let's learn what it will take to perfect your flip.

1. Use on a flat, solid, & smooth surface.

This is quite possibly the most important one. Any small bumps will mess up the flipping path. It is crucial to use on a flat, solid, smooth surface so that it can perform to its highest ability, but not too smooth that it just slips and slides. You can test this at home and see what works best for you.

2. Mr. Flip has a learning curve.

A learning curve is the rate of a person's progress in gaining new experience or new skills. Learning how to flip can take some time, make sure to be patient and keep practicing. 

3. Watch our Flip Academy Videos.

Each week, we're going to let you, the viewer, decide what you want to learn next. The first video is of course, How To Flip, everyone needs to learn that basic skill. After that, videos will start becoming a little harder, testing your skills to see if you truly have what it takes to become a flip master.

Flip Academy

Learn how to use your Mr. Flip to its full potential with short, 1-minute videos.

✅ Master the art of flipping.

✅ Understand how to make your spins last 10x longer.

✅ Discover new tricks starting from beginner all the way to a master level.

✅ Did I mention it's a FREE? All you need is your Mr. Flip!

Think you have what it takes? Flip Academy, perfection at its flipping finest.




TIP 1: Mr. Flip is made from high quality zinc alloy, but that doesn't mean it's indestructible. You still need to be cautious and take full responsibility if you want your Mr. or Mrs. Flip to be in top notch shape.
TIP 2: When your flip gets dirty, rinse it under warm water with soap and dry with a towel. Zinc alloy can rust but very slowly. So under no circumstance should there be rust if treated properly.
TIP 3: When you aren't using your Mr. Flip be sure to keep it in the included embossed leather pouch. This will keep your Mr. Flip away from any dust and protect it from a potentially fatal fall. It also slightly cleans your Mr. Flip every time you take it out of the pouch. If you think that is a lame way of storing your Mr. Flip, get yourself an Infinity Holder to make it look like it's floating in mid air.
TIP 4: Be smart with where you flip. If you don't want extreme cosmetic damage to the exterior, flip Mr. Flip on hard, smooth surfaces. Rough, uneven surfaces will greatly increase the chances of your Mr. Flip getting damaged.

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